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“The design customization is excellent even in the free plan. The Inbox works like a charm, and we couldn't be happier with HelpMate's support team. Also, the pricing is fair.”

Ethan Thompson

in France

“Setting up everything is simple - from users and workspace to agents. The widget is easy to customize. This solution is so easy to use and strong that it is now my top choice to support my clients.”

Mia Evans


“HelpMate is significantly superior to Zendesk.”

Benjamin Taylor

Nebula Tech

“Our business has grown about 10 times since we started using HelpMate. Before this, I used Intercom. We chose HelpMate for its variety of features. Intercom is quite expensive and seems more like a marketing tool.”

Noah Robinson
Co-founder & CEO

“I installed HelpMate for customer support; it's straightforward, simple, and easy to use. Additionally, I'm testing out @posthog for installation analytics.”

Amelia Brown

Zenith Inc

“Our customers are interested in learning more about techniques for making videos. With HelpMate, they can explore our resources at their own convenience and resolve their issues without reaching out to our customer support.”

Marcus Bennett


“HelpMate is fantastic! We're using it for our startup, and I couldn't be happier. It's an excellent substitute for pricier options like Intercom and Crisp, as well as other costly website chat systems. 😎”


Vortex Ltd

“I'm totally in love with HelpMate. Without the proper tools, customer service tends to be consistently poor, but this product enables experts to surpass expectations. HelpMate doesn't merely compete with the likes of Zendesk; it effortlessly surpasses them.”

Leon Wallace


“HelpMate has worked very well for our use case. The new features are just added advantages; it was working for us perfectly from the first version itself. It always solves the problem for us perfectly. No complaints.”

Clara Gilbert
Chief Product Officer


“We integrated the HelpMate widget into our website and web app. When users encounter issues with our software, they can swiftly contact us, and we can promptly assist them. Furthermore, we can identify whether these customers are on the website or the web app. The ability to upload images and exchange information is quite beneficial. Having a continuous chat history is also advantageous, as it allows me to resume any conversation seamlessly.”

Derek Lawson

“I recently moved to HelpMate from Intercom and the experience is incredible. I'm saving money, replying through Slack, and it's just as sleek. Before this, I used Tawkto, which was subpar, and HelloTalkApp, which was expensive.”

Vanessa Fletcher
Customer Success


Faster answers for customers, fewer questions for your team

Manage all your customers' needs in one powerful platform that feels just like your inbox.

Fast & Easy

Integrate A Stunning Widget On Your Website

Add a widget to your website and resolve customer queries on the spot by directing them to relevant self-service articles or letting them open a ticket for comprehensive assistance.
Integrate A Stunning Widget On Your Website
Fast & Easy

Organize Your Incoming Messages With Ease

View all tickets in a unified inbox to speed up your response rate and ensure no customer remains unattended.
Organize Your Incoming Messages With Ease
Knowledge Base

Offer superb self-service 24/7

Create helpful content in our WYSIWYG editor, optimize it for SEO, and launch a full-fledged help center in no time.

You can use it as a stand-alone site or integrate it into a widget for more context.
Offer superb self-service 24/7

Increase customer satisfaction with outstanding support

Track multichannel customer requests, direct customers to the self-service portal, and keep your team on the same page with HelpMate.

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